combing his hair!

Hi! :)

I'm making my journal friends only because...well I guess just because I want to. But I'll add anyone, so just comment! Promise I wont bite ;)
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combing his hair!


Hey! After reminiscing on twitter and stealing this idea from piratesswoop 's ohnotheydidnt  troll post, I'm going to make a one about the most memorable wank in ontd_football .

I obviously need your help as I can hardly remember what happened yesterday. So PLEASE leave me your favorite wank worthy posts. If possible, leave a link. If you don't remember the link, give a description and what the post was about and I'll search around for it.

All wank please. Liverpool-Man Utd, CescGate, Wags, World Cup, Religious bracelets........ (hehehehehe) the list goes on

Don't be embarrassed if you were the reason for the wank. it's just the ~internet, guyz~

For a trip down memory lane, I leave you with this: